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Mark Kutowy

Much of what makes a business succeed online is being able to differentiate strategies that are a good idea, and the ones a business should avoid. With over 15 years of digital marketing experience this is a perspective that Mark Kutowy can bring to your business. His treat-every-dollar-like-it’s-his-own approach is appreciated when determining what investment is best to meet your digital goals.Mark has a long digital history of providing marketing expertise to brands ranging from startups to household consumer brands. Mark’s strategies have led to impressive track record of growth in variety of sectors online including eCommerce, B2B, Consumer Brands, Local Businesses, and professional services.Mark is a firm believer in Google’s axiom of “Focus on the user, and all else will follow” and will often refer to it as the litmus test when considering a fresh approach.With a triple business degree in Marketing, Finance, and Management Mark is able to look beyond the typical digital marketer’s perspective of keywords and rankings, and really dig into the key performance indicators that are driving your business. If you are looking for a results oriented consultant to help you grow your business then Mark is the right guy to talk to.
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